Option to hide Popups on design mode
OutSystems UI

There should be an option to hide Popups while you're designing.

You don't always need to see it when you're creating your UI. Nowadays, it blocks your flow, and if you want to modify something, you must go to the Widget tree.

there is,

as you can learn in beginner courses, some elements have display mode properties to regulate how much of them is visible at design time.  the popup widget is one of them.

In the canvas, you can see this as radio button next to the blue handle of the widget, in the widget tree, you can see it as context menu 'display mode'


Changed the status to
on 05 Apr 2022

Hi Federico,

I'm marking this idea as "Implement" since this is a feature that already exists in our product. As Dorine explained, you can toggle the visibility of the Popup and other patterns (eg. Notification, Submenu, Sidebar, etc).

If you have any questions let us know :)

Jéssica Mendes

Hi, all. 

Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle between Expanded and Collapsed display modes?