New Certification - Frontend Specialist


From the current list of certifications, I think the only critical topic missing is Frontend. It could englobe topics like CSS, UI widgets, best practices, security.

A proper course to study would be welcoming as well.

Created on 13 Sep (7 days ago)
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I agree but I include JavaScript in the list of subjects.

Could be, but a very simple approach on how to use it. Neither SQL or C# are part of Web Developer certification series.

Yes, we need to prepare for front-end best practices in Outsystems.

Nice Idea....

Good idea, liked it already.  

On the subject of Javascript I agree that Javascript or JQuery or React JS can be learned elsewhere, but there is a need indeed on how to use it, how to make it work together with the low code client logic and most of all when NOT to use it.  I often see questions on the forum on how to solve something with Javascript that could have been done with a simple client action.