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Hi all.

It useful implement in OutSystems UI \ UI Flows \ Interaction \ Video a way to expose the video reproduction status, making it accessible.

Whe're need to know the video status, if it's playing or not. We've implement it at our ENV. But When a new version of OutSystemsUI is released this will have to be redeployed. If uses a clone of OutSystemsUI the new versions are not automatically elegible.

By this 2 ways, occurs rework and be an risk to a bug.

Best regards.

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On our RadarOn our radar

Hi Maycon Oleczinski,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good idea.

We have added this idea to our backlog but at this moment we don't have an estimated date on when we will be able to address it. We will update this idea when that happens.


Jéssica Mendes

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Working on it
expected delivery in 23-Quarter3

Hi Maycon Oleczinski!

We are currently working on this new feature. We expect to release it in the next OutSystems UI release (Q3).

Thanks for your idea!

Jéssica M

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on 11 Sep 2023

Hello Maycon!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented on the last release of OutSystems UI (v2.17.0). In the new release, a new version of the video component is available that includes a client action called VideoGetState that returns the state of the video. A new event was also added, StateChanged, that returns the state of the video each time the state changes.  

Keep sharing your ideas :)