Pin a favorite application in the Service Studio Application Dashboard
Service Studio

We have 100+ apps in the Dev environment and it is extremely hard to search if the application name is forgotten. 

So, if you can add a simple feature to Pin the favorite application and can be seen either on the top of the list or left side top of recent modules. Also add the ability to sequence it so I can order it as my priority changes.

It will help all developers and saves time as it is cumbersome now to quickly open any project if there are many in the environment. Each module only opens specific module not the whole application.

Hello Ramesh

I fully recognize the problem that drives your idea. But I think that would be solved with a very old idea of creating a kind of folders system.



Yes I thought about asking for folders then I realized it may be too much of work with multiple users. Eventually they may need to have the dashboard with role based team permission to each app. Instead as a quick solution my Favorite apps will serve my purpose.

Thanks for supporting the idea.


Merged this idea with 'Be able to select favorites Apps in Service Studio' (created on 19 Sep 2023 09:45:23 by João Costa)

As a developer, would be nice to be allowed to select an App as favorite in order for it to be shown on top of other apps when opening Service Studio.
This way, we will always have a quick access to the favorite Apps inside Service Studio.