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In carosel widget , We can add multiple pics and set loop , thats ok . We can't set  carosel in clockwise or anticlock wise . Why not you add that future in carosel widget . It's a simple thing but sometimes its, kindly consider it

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OutSystems UI

Sorry , Which category ?

The carosel widget is part of OutSystemsUI, I hanged your idea's category from Service Studio to OutSystems UI. This is just a moderator task, not a reply to your idea.

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Hi Sowparnika Saravanan,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we already have it on our backlog.

At this moment we don't have an estimated date on when we will be able to address it but we will update this idea when that happens.

Jéssica Mendes

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on 25 Jul 2022

Hello Sowparnika Saravanan!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented on OutSystems UI 2.10.0. To change the direction you can use the new SetCarouselDirection client action.

Keep sharing your ideas :)