Make domain concept global in outsystems architecture (AD, lifetime, service center)
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Architecture & Governance 


The use of domains is essential when doing factory governance, but this concept is stuck only in discovery. This concept is also essential in Architecture Dashboard, Service Center and Lifetime analytics.

- Architecture
This is where it's more important because domains are the top of our architecture and we need to have this vision. It will facilitate domain technical debt control and facilitate reports.

- Logging
In service center and in Lifetime Analytics it would be great if we can filter all data by domain also, because this is our top level on our architecture and we need to have this top vision (errors, page accesses, general logs).

In Lifetime analytics it will be great also if we can see the performance by domain an then we can start drill down, but this top level architecture vision is important.

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Hi Nuno,

Thanks for your suggestion.

At this moment, we are actively looking into this need. The solution that we are planning to implement does not bring the concept of domains into the product; however, as domains are typically bounded to LifeTime teams, we will raise as finding in Architecture Dashboard the existence of strong references being consumed between applications owned by different LifeTime teams.

Using this approach, we are confident that we aren't limiting the implementation of "domain-driven architectures" or any other architecture framework. At the same high time, highly promoting application independence leads to independent application lifecycles.

As soon as I've more news I will update the idea.