Add description field for parameters in javaScript widget
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We would like to document everything in our code so we have descprion field everywhere.
Also for variables in actions etc but not for parameters in the javaScript widget.

So you can't specify what the purpose is of the variable.

Please add the description field to the parameter field in the javaScript widget just like for normal variables.

Kind regards,

Johan den Ouden
OutSystems MVP


Nice one.

Strange that this wasn't there yet

Yes it's strange indeed.

Good idea

And hopefully, the Architecte Dashboard will check it in the future too.

Indeed a Much needed Idea. Great If they make it available soon.

Changed the status to
On our RadarOn our radar

Hi Johan,

Thank you for contributing and your idea fits OutSystems vision for allowing developers to make their code as readable as possible. We will keep this on our radar for now and will give you feedback as soon as we have more information.

Thank you,

Paulo Sebastião