make submenu open on hover
OutSystems UI

In many cases, the submenu UI pattern is used in top menus of applications. It can be handy to make the submenu open just by hovering (on mouse enter event) instead of having to click on it.

Extending the behavior is not all that hard and I guess many have already done that.

It would be great if the pattern itself would support that and keep out customizations by so many people.

Hi Eyad,

I'm glad to announce that this will be implemented and release in the near future.
We will provide a client action that will allow to config a submenu with this behavior by binding its Id.

Thank you for your contribution to the community.

Changed the status to
on 04 Apr 2022

Hi Eyad Sabbah!

We're happy to inform you that this idea was implemented on the last release of OutSystems UI

Keep sharing your ideas :)