DropdownTags | Add NoChoiceText field as input parameter
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The NoChoiceText attribute is a widely used attribute in developments, at the moment it is possible to change the AdvancedFormats input. It would be interesting to have an input to change the NoChoiceText in the dropdowntags, instead of using AdvancedFormat.

For example,

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On our RadarOn our radar

Hi Jorge Rodrigues,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good idea.

We have added this idea to our backlog but at this moment we don't have an estimated date on when we will be able to address it. We will update this idea when that happens.


Jéssica Mendes

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on 18 Sep 2022

Hello Jorge!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented on the last release of OutSystems UI

Keep sharing your ideas :)