User group events should provide in, recorded webinar after completion of event ?

Hi Community Members,

As we all know different user groups organize events to learn outsystems, but due to some emergency or any other reason sometime learners unable to attend session, in that case there is no way to attend the same session after completion of it.

For this purpose it is good that recorded session should provide in that user group, so that same session, learner can watch and learn the concepts from event.

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on 09 Feb 2022

Hello Roshan, 

Thanks for submitting your idea. However, this is something that we are already doing. 

After each event, we download the recording, upload it to YouTube and then add it to the event page. Because it involves multiple teams, it takes a bit longer (from 1 to 2 weeks). 

Nonetheless, we are updating all event pages with the past events. 

The Multi-Tenancy one will soon be there as well! We'll send a message to the group once it's uploaded :)