[Outsystems Maps] Additional Marker options
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Previously the markers had a JSON structure that allowed us to set optional markers settings via Advanced Format (in fact it is still available under the Marker Structure 

But the Marker Block defines a specific set of optional configs.

Would be nice to have a text entry for any additional parameters in a JSON format that are not described in the Optional Configs.

Things like label text color and label text size are missing. 

Hello André,

This is feedback regarding a Forge asset, therefore I'm going to change the category to components.
However, the fastest way to get your feedback across would be creating a discussion in the Forge component itself.
Thank you for sharing your feedback.
Best regards,

Changed the category to
Changed the status to
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Hi André Pinho,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will be looking into how we could introduce this into our product, but we don't have any specific timeline for when this could happen yet.

We will update this idea when that happens.

Jéssica Mendes

I followed Ricardo's advice: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/76563/additional-marker-options/

 And the suggestion there was to use the MapAPIs that I did not know of previosuly. So maybe adding this to the documentation or adding examples to your sample could be the 'fix', together with cleaning the structures that still expect the AdvancedFormat input.