Incorporate the Enterprise Manager and Style Guide as platform built-in features
Service Studio
OutSystems 5.1
The Enterprise Manager and Style Guide were an enormous improvements to the way we kick-start and design projects at OutSystems - with these components we have available core management functionality, styling and UI rules and widgets that we always had to (re-)create in every OutSystems project.
These components have become so standard that I think the next step would be to have them integrated in the OutSystems platform as built-in capabilities - removing all the upgrade and installation difficulties that arise.
2020-12-08 09-54-09
Evert van der Zalm

That would be a great feature, also having the ECT include with it (default off, can be swiched on for the espaces).

These espaces have grow a lot and installing only the enterprice manage kost around 25.000-30.000 software units. With can be very expencive if you only using it for a smaller application.

Daniel, Evert,

Thanks for the feedback, this is completely aligned with our strategy and I can tell you that 5.1 will solve some of these issues.

In more detail, 5.1 will include the StyleGuide as a built-in template in Service Studio, meaning that whenever you want to create a new application you don't need to donwload Styleguide, clone it, and than start working. You will only create a new application following a simple wizard and there you will have everything you had in Styleguide, really simple!

Let me also ask you to post this feedback as different ideas, so that we can understand what’s more important.

Style Guide is now no longer required and is embedded in the "IntelliWarp" patterns you can use. Enterprise Manager remains for now a separate application. Read more about 5.1 in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!
2016-04-21 20-09-55
I think EM is something that should be become obsolete.
  1. Joop already wanted: IdeaId=353
  2. Furthermore, the user-management should be in service-center as well,
    because chance are the people who have to control the users have to look at the log as well.
  3. ECT, again, when looking at issues you might want to check logging. But the place is still servcie center. where you can watch your applications more closely
  4. Extensions, EM uses also some extensions which are so commonly used, they should be part of the core

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