New even for Reactive data grid

Currently, the only events that are fired for DataGrid are Sort and Filtered. There is no event fired when you hide and show columns. It would be nice if an even is triggered once the user select and deselects columns

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I changed the category as Datagrid for Reactive and Traditional Web are separate components to OutSystems UI. I also believe your idea will gain more visibility when posted on the component support page as an idea.

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Hi Rajesh Amara,

Thank you so much for your idea! We have added this idea to our backlog but at this moment we don't have an estimated date on when we will be able to address it.

We will update this idea when that happens.

Jéssica Mendes

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on 26 Aug 2022

Hello Rajesh!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented on the last release of OutSystems Data Grid (v2.9.0). 
You can now use the new event block called OnColumnPickerChange that listens to the events of hiding/showing columns of a given grid through the ColumnPicker.

Keep sharing your ideas :)