Upgrade Require Script System client action
Frontend (App Interfaces)

The 'RequireScript' System action adds a Javascript to the html header as a synchronous ['sync'] script by default. Here is an example of a require script added to a header:

Here are some examples of scripts added by OutSystems UI (we can see that they are set asynchronously ['async']):

This configuration is important because a sync script that has an error could stop the page from loading and trigger an error screen.

So the idea is to add more inputs to the 'Require Script' System action to allow at least to set the async configuration.

We could keep the default as sync but also allow the user to set it async. As a plus, we could also have the remaining configurations available, as used by OutSystems (type & chartset).

This would give more control when using require script and avoid potential page crashes. I think everyone could benefit from this upgrade.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann
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Frontend (App Interfaces)