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Currently you can disable swipe events on Tabs but you can't on sidebars. This is quite an issue on Mobile as if someone is trying to scroll left on a table in a sidebar on mobile, the sidebar closes... and if you are using a flag variable to open or close it, when you close it via swipe that variable remains in the 'open' state which means when you try open that sidebar again it still thinks it's open.

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Hi Nicholas Campbell,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” and the idea has been added to our backlog.

At this moment we don't have an estimated date on when we will be able to address it but we will update this idea when that happens.

Jéssica M.

Thanks Jéssica!

Do you have a suggestion of a work around for now by any chance? I see on the Forum that people suggest making a duplicate of the Sidebar and removing the Swipe events, but that could cause issues later on if improvements are made to the sidebar and the local one won't have those features.

Unfortunately, we don't have a workaround to disable the swipe events, the only way is to clone the sidebar but we don't recommend it for the same reason you mentioned and because it would no longer be supported.
We can't include this improvement in our next release, but we will try to include it in the release after the next one. This is the best we can do, sorry for not being able to help more.


Thanks for the feedback  Jéssica.

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Hi Nicholas!

We are currently working on this feature. We expect to release it on July 25th (OutSystems UI 2.10.0).

Jéssica M

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on 25 Jul 2022

Hi Nicholas!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented in the last release of OutSystems UI.

Keep sharing your ideas :)

Thanks Jéssica That is great news!