Allow actions to be used in client side functions
Builtin & User functions

When I try to use the built-in action ListAny in a client action that needs to be a function, I currently get the error message saying 

Only actions that are functions can be used in other functions.

From the documentation I get it that you don't want to perform asynch or server calls within a client function, but surely ListAny (or any other 'harmless' action) should be allowed? 

Or, at the very least, please make a function version of the built-ins ListAny, ListIndexOf and ListAny available.

2020-02-04 07-58-32
Matthias Preuter

Agree, these Built-in actions should be allowed +1

Hey Wouter,

You are right. Calling asynchronous operations (e.g. server calls) in functions used in the UI would bring a whole level of complexity to our language and development experience.

Nevertheless, known simple actions like the ones you mentioned (ListAny or ListIndexOf) should be allowed to be used as functions, or inside other functions.

Thanks for your idea and contribution!