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on 27 Apr 2015
OutSystems 9
with 7.0 and the 4-layer structure, service studio does not provide a template for it.

What I like to see:

create your first app, the app will be created. a seperate esapce for the theme, a seperate esapce for the common/layout stuff and then the composite-application espace  for your app.

creating your 2nd app:
- choose your style, either from the commontheme or it's own theme.
- is it part of the 4-layers *and thus using the common-flow from the common-espace
Created on 4 Sep 2012
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Seems like a sensible thing to have.
With Platform 9 amsterdam you can define your own application templates. These could be used to setup a set of common starter templates that already contain the right service references to core APIs, the base set of widgets and UI templates, etc.
Check it out at https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/default.htm#Reusing_eSpaces/Create_Your_Own_Application_Template.htm