Improve Training Test module

After having some of the tests provided in the Adacamy, I have come across to several items that can be improved. The ones I can think of on this moment are;

  • The loading time when you Start the test is quite long.
  • The timer starts running as soon as you hit Start, though the test itself is still loading.
  • The overview on the end can be made more usefull by allowing to click and change answers there.
  • After finishing, have an option available to review the total test with chosen answers. If you had a question was answered wrong and the right answere was 'All of the above' I would want to know what the options where. Now you can't see that.
  • Review the 'wrong' answers. Some are not logical or even funny when you take the test. That can be distractive when you are focused.
  • Work more with images. Sometimes you know how something apears in the application, but at that moment can't remember what it's name is. This especially happens when you take a test about a YouTube movie and are not able to view the content in the application.
  • Why is there a timer?  The only logical reason to me have a timer is to prevent the use of  external resources. Since that is allowed, the actual reason for the timer for me is a mystery. Making sure the participant takes the test in one go can be achieved in other and maybe even more usable ways.

Thank you for reading. I hope there will be other feedback on the tests aswell to improve it further.

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on 30 Sep 2016

Just closing this idea