Configuration management / versioning

By Pedro Bezerra on 1 Oct 2012

After spending some time managing an Outsystems production platform, I believe there are some ideas I could provide that would make the platform more manageable.

There are already some ideas in the forum regarding global site properties/webrefs or aggregating all configurations... Although I believe those are important as a standalone feature I would add a more general one:  the configuration versioning associated to the Solution.

Although we have the Solution versioning we lack the Solution Configuration versioning. For instance, if  there is need in fallback to an early version of a Solution, all the configuration changes must be remade by hand using an external source of information as the Outsystem platform does not handle configuration versioning.
So I propose the following:

- Associating the versioning of each configurable element of the contained eSpaces to the Solution encapsulation would provide a new perspective regarding configuration.

- Allowing the possibility of editing a text/excel file before the Solution deployment (eg: having the configuration editable as a file in the solution zip) instead of only having a nice GUI would provide us with open integration capabilities with any automation process we had to validate it accordingly to our shop standards and mandatory parameters.

Hope this makes sense...
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