Integrate deployment configurations into Lifetime deployments


When using Lifetime to deploy modules between environments, if there are new site properties, web references and\or rest references, Lifetime would provide a dedicated screen to configure all those new properties and references, also allowing the user to leave them with default values.

This alleviates the user from having to go to each module in service center and configure it individually, and having to keep track of these configurations somewhere outside the platform. It also provides a more integrated deployment experience while making deployments less error-prone.

This is especially useful for web and rest references in production environments, where typically the default values are pointing to non-production environments and may produce unwanted behaviors while the user does not update them.

Created on 13 Mar (4 days ago)
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14 Mar (3 days ago)

It looks like there already is an Ideia similar to this one, proposed by Pedro Bezerra, who even takes it a little bit further.

Take a look at it here.

14 Mar (3 days ago)

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