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Like we have Groups tab in User management portal, if we could add Roles tab as well and list out all the roles when we click on it, then it will be useful for the Operation teams to map multiple users to a particular role.

E.g.: If we have 10 users whom we have to assign Role1, then we will navigate to

Users --> Roles Tab --> Click on Role1 --> Search and Add users

In this way we can reduce the number of clicks for assigning a particular role to multiple users.

Thank you !!


I think no need of adding roles Tab, We already have Groups tab as you have mentioned, we can create group of users(Multiple) and we can add Role to that Group. Then all the users will have same role in one click.


2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

Agree with Dipali, the only reason why Groups exist is exactly for the use case described If multiple users need the same roles a group should be defined with the right roles and users.

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Hi Kalyan,

Thanks for your comment. However, it is highly advisable to use Groups in the described scenario, as Groups will avoid human error-prone issues. In case you provide users Users instead of roles is harder to manage and therefore to remove roles instead of grouping them into groups and give assign groups to users instead.

For instance, if all users should have the create_tickets role, if you assign it individually to each user in case of the internal policy change that only supervisors should have that role you must go into every user to remove the create_tickets roles, on the other hand if you create a group Employees and another Supervisor, assuming that in the first instance both groups have the create_ticket role, when/if the policy change to only supervisors are allowed to create tickets, then the only thing that must be done is to remove the create_ticket role from the Employees group and all users assigned with this group will lose the create_tickets permission.