Refactor the new autocomplete so certain words don't wrongfully autocomplete
Service Studio
Development Environment 11.53.17 (Build 61327)

The new autocomplete that was implemented is very nice, and I think it's a great addition.

However, certain words like "or" will autocomplete to "GetDeviceOrientation()" for example.

I think it'd be very beneficial to whitelist certain keywords like "or", "and", etc to not autocomplete by default, or maybe add an option to enable it or not.

I think this is already reported to OutSystems via MVPs.

Just got feedback from OutSystems, that this is already in the making, and will be available in one of the upcoming releases.

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in 22-Quarter3

We are currently implementing this idea! Soon we'll provide more news!

Changed the status to
on 19 Sep 2022

Hi all, this feature has been implemented and is now available from Service Studio 11.53.17 onwards.