Need to remove or add the content of some training courses.

Hello Team,

I observed that these two courses are such in which no content is available.

Need to provide the content for these training courses.


You can remove these courses from the training portal.

1.Disaster recovery/High availability expert talk

    High Availability/Disaster recovery

    No lessons to show...

2.Load testing applications expert talk

Load testing

No lessons to show...


I'll take a look at it. Thanks for reporting it.

We have updated the content, and videos are now visible.

Changed the status to
on 06 Sep 2022

Content updated and videos are now visible again

Thanks you so much...

Also, on this topic, there are repeated courses. In the 'Becoming a Tech Lead Guided Path', the 'Agile Methodology' course has a 'Team Overview' section with four videos. These videos are identical to the videos in the 'Team Overview' section of the 'DevOps in OutSystems' course in the 'DevOps in OutSystems Guided Path'.

In order to take these two courses I had to review the videos, rather than assuming that I had already seen them, as happens in other Guided Paths where the subjects are repeated.