[Service Studio] Being able to go to the selected action in a timer from a time

Service Studio
on 24 Jan 2011
OutSystems 6.0
-r (needed to be fit in the title on the end :) ).

When you check what a timer is doing you want to click the selected action to go to that action to see what it's doing.

Now you can only 'read' the action and search for it. Would be nice if you could just click on the selected action and be directed to that action.
 DubbleClick on timer action.png
Created on 24 Oct 2012
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Hi Evert,

You can double-click the timer's name and the associated action will open.

You're proposing the same behaviour when double-clicking an action in the Select Action popup window?
Hello Fernando,

Probably was so into it that I didn't even try to dubble click the timer.

Feeling stupid that when trying it did what I was meaning (-:

Now need button to delete the post...