Make the Roles search look through all records and not just the current page of the paginated table
End-user Management 
Platform Server 11.20.0 (Build 38508)


It is difficult to search for whether a user has a specific role or not when using the OutSystems User app since when you search, it only looks at the current page of roles - since pagination is used. Thus you have to go through each page and search it.

Would be great if the Search was for the whole set rather than just the current page of the paginated data.


I'm trying to mimic what you are saying, but not getting it.

What is paginated, the dropdown ??  I just added many roles in a test module, and if y start typing in the dropdown, i can find any of them, i don't see what pagination would be at play ?

bear in mind, if you double click the dropdown to get complete list, this list is not rebuilt in the client just because you added roles, so if there are new roles, they will only appear on doubleclick after refreshing the screen, not just double clicking the roles dropdown.

Hi Dorine

The pagination is on the list of roles of that user - it maxes at 50 per page. Once you go over that, then it paginates. Now to check if a User has a role - you can type that role into the dropdown and it shows as an option then you know they don't have it. But when it has pagination, it shows it as an option even though they already have it - because it is on the second page which has not been loaded yet...

I hope this helps.

An alternative idea is to add a search function to be able to search all existing roles - as this is maybe a strange use of the dropdown which is intended to add new roles...

Ahh ok, i had gone up to 38 but not 51, I should have persevered...

This doesn't even sound like an idea, but a bug on that dropdown query.

And yes, there could be muck better UI, showing for example all roles, and a checkbox next to those he already has.

Liked your idea for support.

Thanks Dorine, appreciate it.

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on 11 Apr 2023

Hi Nicholas Campbell,

Letting you know that your suggestion has been implemented in PS 11.20.0 as part of R11CT-1919. You can find the release notes here.

Mind you, PS 11.20.0 is currently GA for OutSystems PaaS infrastructures. The version is expected to become GA for On Premises within the next few weeks.

Thank you for making the suggestion and for everyone who upvoted it.

Hope you continue making suggestions in the future.

All the best