Auto-close square brackets in advanced queries

Service Studio
on 04 Oct 2016
OutSystems 10

When translating a given piece of SQL code to an advanced query, the platform helps by auto-closing the braces around the entities. It would be nice if it also auto-closed the square brackets around the entitie's attributes.

Created on 11 Jan 2013
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That's indeed inconsistent behaviour. I've never noticed it myself. However, when typing a dot after the closing curly braces of the table name an auto complete list appears. When selecting a field name, Service Studio automatically adds both square brackets.


Check it out in OutSystems 10. I guess this covers it. Enjoy

But I can't see if you actually type a bracket, or just press Ctrl-Space, which already did what you show there. You aren't cheating, are you Gonçalo??? :)

Hmm... I was indeed Ctrl-Spaceing... Wasn't that the goal?

Afaik that was already possible even in 8? So I don't think so?