Add a configuration to allow the user to enter a date directly into the input field of DatePicker
OutSystems UI

The new DatePicker of OutSystems UI, based on flatpickr library, contrary to the old one that is now named DEPRECATED_DatePicker, based in pikaday library, doesn't allow the user to enter a date in the input by typing directly on it via a widget configuration, which makes it harder to allow that behavior.

With this idea I would like to propose to OutSystems that an option is added in the DatePicker_OptionalConfigs structure, an input of the widget, to enable this behavior. 

The flatpickr library which the new component is based on already allows such a configuration but i's not exposed by the OutSystems UI webblock.

Another alternative would be allowing the developers to extended the widget capabilities by providing an open input (that would receive a JSON) like the old DatePicker used to do. The current approach limits the extensibility of the component and this idea is the only way to improve and extended the component. 

Below was the approach to enable more functionalities of the underlying library. 

I understand the expected functionality is possible with the use of a client action that enables the behavior but it requires additional overhead for development. It needs an initialize action for every instance of the component with the required config. With this ideia I challenge the current implementation to improve development experience.

Please consider these options and allow the developers to extended the libraries.