Add parameter to limit the number of tags to be selected from a dropdown tag widget
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Hello OutSystems Heroes. 

On the last version of the UI component Dropdown Tags, the AdvanceFormant parameter/property was removed.  (As can be confirmed in

With it, the possibility of limit the number of tags/items selected on a Dropdown Tags widget was removed, since before we (developers) were able to control it using this property. 

Would it be possible to add this new feature (limit the number of tags that can be select) or the AdvanceFormat property back? Because, for now, in order to do this we have to create a custom dropdown tags or add a huge complex flow to find a "go around" of this problem. 

Thanks :) 

2023-08-28 07-00-10
Paulo Torres

Fully agree with this idea, should be implemented.

We need it too!

Nice idea

Hi @Ana Agostinho!
Thank you so much for your idea.

In OutSystemsUI v2.11.0, we released new extensibility features for all the patterns with external providers, which is the alternative we offer for the previous AdvancedFormat parameter. With those new features, it's possible to achieve the use case you are proposing. 

In this new version of the component we use a different provider, VirtualSelect.js, that has a property called maxValues to control the maximum nr of options allowed to choose in multiple select (for both DropdownTags and DropdownSearch). To use that property, you need to use SetVirtualSelectConfigs client action, where you will find a parameter for that property:

You can find more info about these new features in this forum post or in our documentation.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions please let me know :) 

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on 19 Sep 2022

Hello Ana! 

I'm marking this idea as Implemented because as I explained in my previous comment, this feature is already available through extensibility, using the SetVirtualSelectConfigs client action.

Keep sharing your ideas :)

Great news!

Perfect! Thanks Jessica :)