Add simple datatype structures to the platform by default (so we can use them in extensions and espaces etc.)

on 24 Sep 2014
OutSystems 9
If you want to have a Record List of Text  as a parameter of an action in a xif, you need to create a structure "Text" with Value as type Text.

This will produce a couple of issues, you always have to map if you want to do some String-actions from the Text.xif
If you happen to have a webreference with a similar recordlist you get a possible third "simple" structure of Text.
So you need to do a lot of mapping/loops/whatever to keep everything in sync.
This is pretty awkward, because it's merely a list of simple types.

So I like to see for every base data-type (Text, Integer, Decimal, Boolean) so we can use them far more easily without having to do our custom mapping for simple text-lists, integer-lists etc.

Created on 5 Feb 2013
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