Fix the certifications mess
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The Outsystems certification path is a real mess. It is always changing. I can't even find out where to find the online exams anymore. Are they gone? 

What about the my curriculum link in our profiles? Are they gone too? Is there still a certification path or are they gone and all there is left is the bootcamps?

How many different levels will there be this month? Are the developers segmented in 3, 4 or 5 levels?

The exam enrolments are not being answered. People have been applying for it since September of last year and still haven't got any type of answer from Outsystems.

I totally agree with André's comment. I am also lost in the examination labyrinth. Where are my certification exams? Dit I do it all for nothing?
That's a whole another issue... How many hours where spent by everyone doing certifications that where simply deleted because someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided they where no longer useful? And how much money was spent on bootcamps and exam certifications all for nothing?

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Rui Barbosa
Hi Folks

The certification program is explained in the acedemy area.

Go to and locate on the right site a section named 

Certification Program - Download the Training and Certification overview for more information.

The link pointing to the PDF is:

This PDF explains the new certifications and also the map between old and new certifications

I think everybody saw that PDF on the Network. That's just not the point here...

For everyone that has invested time in this certification thing, it feels like the the rug has been pulled from everybody's feet. One day you have 5 or 6 certification path's. Everyone starts doing the tests and the exams, and the bootcamps (that aren't cheap!) and the exams to renew the certifications (that aren't cheap at all also!). The next day: "hey everyone, we decided to end it all! Now there's just one and all the rest has been deleted.".

Hi all,

Our efforts in changing the certification program were directed to simplifying it and making it totally accessible to every developer.
We also focused in certifying technology hence we dropped the DM and EM certifications. These certifications were create in a time where there was no agile certifications. Nowadays this is not like so and it made no sense for us to keep these.

André, I know this is a old post (unfortunately it slip past my radar). Do you still have any questions about the certification program? If so please drop us an email to

Best regards.