More information on Forge details page to judge impact of using it

The Forge component page should include more details, that allows one to judge the impact on and OutSystems factory without needed to install it first:

  • Number of Application Objects (AO's)
  • Number of integrations
  • Paid license required for a third party integration
  • External integrations overview (some components have APIs just to collect usage, this should be more visible.
  • If it bootstraps data on publish (some components generate users, etc.)
  • If applicable version of OutSystems UI used (OutSystems UI has a high rate of updates and deprecated functionality/breaking changes)



Hi Daniel, 

This is really needed for forge components. Adding to this a Demo Application should also be given along with to understand the proper usability of the forge component.

Hi Daniel,

I agree. 

Many times it is necessary to have to install the component simply because it brings very little or no information. And if it had more data like you suggested it would avoid unnecessary installations.

I totally agree with this Idea. 

I wanted to create an idea to have the AOs visible, but you covered more, so I'll join this idea. I typically first download the component before installing, but having this information available upfront would definately help.