Using code mentor when scaffolding table from entities.
Service Studio

Hello, as the title suggests, my idea is to use code mentor when we scaffold a table on the screen by dragging an entity from the data tab.

Currently, when we drag an entity onto the screen, OutSystems allows us to choose which attributes from the entity will be the table headers (refer to the attribute selection image below), and then OutSystems builds an aggregate with only that one entity as well as a table with sorting and pagination logic on the screen.

My idea is to add the code mentor (given by OutSystems within the aggregates; refer to the code mentor image below) to the attribute selection popup. After we entered a statement, the code mentor would generate an aggregate, and inside the popup, we could view all the sources being used and select attributes from those sources to add as table headers.

I hope my explanation is clear.

Gitansh Anand 

Attribute selection image:
Code mentor image: