Dropdown Search - Dynamic list
OutSystems UI

Q - What?
A - Dropdown search 

Q - What could it improve?
A - Allow the creation of a dynamic list from the search field.

Q - Who would benefit from that?
A - We know that the dropdown needs a list, and usually the data is taken from an aggregate.

However, it is not possible to send all the records to the list, if the database has thousands of records. And if the user searches for any valid data that is not in the list, then Dropdown will not return any records.

So, if would had a handler to capture the data while the user types in the search input, from this handler we could make a new query and update the list dynamically with the data's filtered. 

Hello José!

As Dorine said, since OutSystems UI v2.14.0, we have a new component called DropdownServerSide that allows you to do what you requested. 

Have you tried it yet?

Best regards,
Jéssica M.

Hello, Dorine and Jessica. 

Thanks for your reply. 

I didn't know this component yet, but it is exactly that I need. 

It will be very useful... 

Thank you very much!

Changed the status to
on 25 Jan 2023

Thank you for your idea!

As I said in the comment above, this component already exists. For that reason, I'm marking this idea as implemented.

Keep sharing your ideas :)