Forge API for automation (ability to create and update components)
OutSystems 8.0
Enable Forge API with ability to create and update Components.

2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
don't see the benefit of this .... better have the forge to IPP a component when it is uploaded.
It is time consuming to keep forge component up to date with our local repo. 

It would be better to have forge sync with our repo. then we could automate this process and pull code out to forge faster! and with less effort.

Imagine if github did no come with an API, or a github client, and everytime when you updated your code on your local machine, you would have to log into github website and update each and every component manually on their website so that your communicate would be able to get the latest code. Would you continue to keep your component up to date?

It requires alot of effort to keep your component up to date;  If you only have 1 component to update that is ok, but if have 10+ or more components to keep up to date, it requires too much effort, to keep forge up to date when you build too many, it becomes a job.
Where are these APIs documented?