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I had a problem using carousel, not as the usual carousel that has images in it and displays something in a constant time interval or by swiping.

I used the carousel widget like a "tab headers" that was placeholder for status on my app dashboard. I got hard time getting the active carousel item because the index being given was based on the navigation dots, and not based on the carousel item itself.

For example, I have 8 carousel items that is divided into group of 4's. 
There will be 2 navigation dots. When I click on the 3rd carousel item, I want to have the index or id of that active carousel item so that I can easily change the styling of that active item for easier user experience indicating that the clicked one is the active carousel item. But as of now, the carousel is giving me index 0 because it is the index of the first navigation dot.Maybe carousel item can be modified to pass the current active item index or something similar that can easily be used to know which carousel item is currently clicked or active.

Developers who think out of the box and those that want to use carousels for scenarios and implementations other than the usual would benefit from this change.

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You should post your coding challenges as questions on the Forum not on Ideas.

You can capture the Index of the item as you navigate through the carousel using the OnSlideMove event




I was wondering why I am not seeing that OnSlideMoved, maybe because we are using outdated service studio? Because when I created an app on my personal environment and added carousel as dependency, I already saw that there is an event for that. 

Anyway, thanks for giving this insightful tip, @Daniel Kuhlmann . Appreciate it.