Instant community rank update

Hi, Community Ranking is really a best part of Outsystems which specifies where the user is standing among the entire Outsystems Community.

My idea is to implement an instant update of the community ranking. As of now user must wait the entire day to know his rank instead of waiting when the user sees his ranking gets changed on an every action the supports ranking based on the points he earn or the way he get engaged with Outsystems it will really help the user which will act as a way of motivation.

This sounds like a very good update! 

Sounds very interesting Idea

What is the importance to have the ranking updated in real time? How does it help or motivate? 

Are you less motivated because you do not get the instant gratification of your ranking count to be increased? 

Hello Daniel,

I hope the users wish to have a better rank so whenever they get involved in exploring Outsystem and get the points either by posting ideas or forums.. when they see that the rank is changing instantly this can act as a plus point to motivate users so that they will try still more to answer the questions in forum or build forge components

Thanks and kind regards


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Why do so many people lately write "Outsystem" it is "OutSystems" with an "s" on the end.

on topic:

If you know the points arrive tomorrow in your ranking, I really don't see how that (should) affect motivation. I do hope people are in it to help people, not to see their ranking go up with 2 points on every reply.