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From the Config Tool it should be possible to 'Generate SQL script' to import under MS SQL Server.

This is something that is implemented for Oracle already, shouldn't be that much work to implement this for SQL.

This would make installation even better (for us), since you can now hand over the SQL scripts to your (friendly) DBA who can then execute the scripts for you. He might even improve performance a bit based on the installation of MS SQL!

I would even say to add a new tab to the query widget (as you have a test output) with the code ready to be run in SQL Server Query Analizer directly (For simple and advanced queries). That would really help when you need to add some complexity to the queries...You already had an eSpace that did this...perhaps it could be great to embed it into Service Studio
In Simple queries, after testing the query, you can check the SQL tab and find the SQL command executed. it's not 100% what you want, you still have to replace table names with the physical ones.

Regarding Advanced queries, in version 3.1 it was possible to get the SQL command by pressing Ctrl + Q, but this feature doesn't exist anymore since version 4. Also, you would get table names like osusr_X_customer so you would still have to replace table names.

I agree that it would be great to get exactly the same command that is executed either in simple and advanced queries.
It's not only the table names that are missing, it is also the input parameters...
If you wish to run it in sql you would also need variable declaration, and setting.
What i mean is to have a fully generated script, ready to run in SQL Server client..

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on 03 Oct 2016

Hi Didier,

Just to make sure that you are aware of that we have this idea implemented in O9.1 and O10.

Thank you for your idea and contribution.