Remove OLD ideas from the ideas list...

Some ideas are already 3 or more years old and never made it into the product. From a client perspective: having a requirement that is not implemented for 3 years is bizar. especilally in an Agile/Scrum environment with 2 weeks sprints. 

I understand that ideas are not requirements. However I presume that everyone hopes it will make it at least to the requierement list sometimes and if not then that should be clear.

It is not very motivating to see even popular ideas not picked up for years and years. Personally I don't add any new ideas to this list for this reason.

My proposal is to have a quicker turnaround; is an idea interesting enough then it should move on, if not then remove it or place it on the not-to-be implemented list. You could do something with levels and voting.

Please do something about this. The state the idea list is now in is not to be taken seriously.

Hi Hans,

This is a very good idea and it reflects the opinion of many others (who usually don't come forward).
It's something worth implementing to ensure that the community receives appropriate feedback on their contributions.

2016-04-21 20-09-55
I agree 110%

Changed the status to

Hi team,

This idea was implemented with the new Community Ideas revamp

Hope you like it!

Ana Sequeira