Support REST Web Services and WADL
Data & Integrations
OutSystems 9
Support REST Web Services and WADL in Service Studio.
WADL is not very widespread for REST, for better or for worse, supporting it will not be of much benefit unfortunately. :(

When you are on a tight deadline and have only 4 hours to turn around a product and need to integrate with their REST service, it is a HUGE BENEFIT.

If I can consume their REST API with a WADL, then you just made me a hero. Otherwise I fight like mad for 12 hours to get things done before morning.

I know 9 has better REST support I hope this was considered. I have a WADL right in front of me that would be great if Outsystems consumed it as easily or close to it as a SOAP Web Reference with out me having to crack open Visual Studio.


I have a vendor who is using WADL so being able to import from WADL would be great for us