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It would be cool that the Download All Consumers feature in Service Studio allowed for selection of which consumers to download. This would avoid having to go to Service Center and download each eSpace one-by-one. I see it as an accelerator feature to boost a Developer's productivity.
Created on 3 Jul 2013
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Yes, having a check box before the eSpace name, could be a solution. 
I like this idea because sometimes ServiceStudio gives an error when we have a lot of eSpaces to download.
Good one Pedro! Completely agree. On factory environments, I often get old pen and paper out and write whattever is listed only to cancel the operation next and open the eSpaces one by one to prevent memory issues.

We have such a large number of reference espaces for some elements that I crash service studio with an Out of Memory exception if I open them all.  I usually have to open them one by one to prevent this from happening.  This would help tons, maybe even have the option to download "outdated" consumers.