Expose OutSystem API
Service Studio
OutSystems 8.0

There could be several API which has been written by outsystem, expose them to the developers which would facilitate a lot. 

2018-02-16 16-02-37
Jaime Vasconcelos
Hi Vasanth,

We have APIs documented in Service Studio's online help: https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/8.0/
Please go there, open the open the Extensibility and APIs book and then the Using the Platform APIs book.
There you will find a list of documented APIs.
Please have look into them.
I hope they help you out.

Kind regards,

Jaime Vasconcelos
I meant lot others features which are built in for Outsystem but not exposed it. 

1. Outsystem could be invoking each action by its name, but service studio lets to invoke them only by dragging it inside.

2. Outsystem has an Messaging Queue being used by Asyn Logger, if that is available for application that could be used to create user defined Queues.

Hi Team, Could you share the help for the exposed API. 

Hi Vasanth,

We have many APIs for OutSystems. You can find them in the documentation. This is a very generic Idea, I will close it with this answer. If you have any specific API you find missing I suggest you create an idea for each of those APIs.