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Service Center
on 27 Apr 2015
OutSystems 9

Sometimes, making one solution of all the enterprise eSpaces may not be feasible, and one has several solutions to deploy.

Usually these solutions have an order to be deployed, and today we have to wait for a solution to finish to deploy all the others that are left...

It would be nice to have a feature in servicecenter that would let us upload several solution files, and afterwards set and order for their 1-click publis and start publishing them sequentially.
Created on 15 May 2010
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Why would the solutions have an order to be deployed?

For me it makes sence that a solution is one espace with all the dependence espaces/extensions in that solution. Publish it and you could run it directly.

Is not the solution when you need to publish much solution, but I don't think you need much solutions. Also how many times do you use the solution publish? If it's a lot, you could also make one (big) solutin with everything in it.

The question is that sometimes if you make one solution of all your eSpaces, it might reach above 100MB volume, and sometimes handing around such files is not feasible (unless the comunication to servicecenter becomes ftp). That way, if we split our Enterprise Solution into small ones we can upload them in a sequential order with low volume files.

100MB is much indeed, then a solution deploy is taking a while ;)

I would prefer to have something like solution bundling...

Here is my 2 cents:

Having solution alfa with eSpaces A,B,C
and solution omega with eSpaces B,C,D

Some how signal service center to deploy both solutions at the same time.
Service center would then create something like a temporary solution with all eSpaces from both alfa and omega along with all proper dependencies and publish that consolidated temporary solution.

Any thoughts?
With Platform 9 Amsterdam, a deployment plan can be edited by multiple teams (even if some of the users don't have the privileges to all applications). This will allow the creation of a complex deployment plan, composed of multiple teams staging needs, while making sure that the end result is consistent when deployed to the destination environment.

Hello Goncalo,

What do you mean with edited by multiple teams?

Think this idea was already done with versie 8 lifetime deployment (-:

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Consider you have the following scenario:
- Team 1 has privileges to deploy App A and App B
- Team 2 has privileges for App A and App C
(both C and B depend on A)
Until now, you'd need someone (a "deployment manager") with privileges over all solutions to setup a deployment plan with the 3 apps to make sure both B, C and its dependency A are deployed. Sometimes it is hard for the Deployment Manager to know exactly what should be deployed.

With P9Amsterdam, Team 1 can start a new deployment plan, and Team 2 can come in and add to that plan AppC (even without permissions for App B). The platform gurantees that the entire deployment plan is consistent. For example: multiple teams could create a complex deployment plan, with multiple disparate apps they do not own, that is triggered at the end of the day to deploy them all at once

Hello Goncalo,

Sounds good!

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