default datatype should be integer instead of decimal in integration studio (in oracle and foreign keys)
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The 'import entity wizard' of the integration studio can be enhanced.
The default datatype for Foreign Key Columns is decimal with 0 decimals instead of integer. 
It would be far more efficient if the wizards set the datatype to integer if there are 0 decimals. 
Further, it would be nice if the wizard sets the primary key as attribute identifier.
This would save a lot of time.
2016-04-21 20-09-55
Tricky one.

I though it was mapped to Decimal, because the range of those Oracle-types are larger than the Outsystem-Integer type can hold(?)

Hi Statler&Waldorf,

according to  
Oracle Number(2,0) up to and including Number(10,0) should be integer. 

There are a few other mismatches:
Oracle Date is converted to Outsysystems Date, which is fine to me. But the documentation tells it shoud be converted to DateTime.

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