Drag & Drop Parameters into query editor
Aggregates & Queries
OutSystems 5.1
In the query editor it is possible to Drag an entity from the list and Drop it in the query editor. It would be good if the drag & drop also works for the parameters. Drag an attribute from an entity and drop it into the parameter section of the query editor.

When importing an excelsheet into the database I want to check if a record exists before adding it to the database. In that case I need to check if all attributes have the same values.  This happens when importing the same file twice.

For large entities it is very time consuming to add all the parameters to the query and set the correct datatypes.
This is part of the enhancements list for 5.1, and will be released in June. Thanks for the feedback.

This is one of the many small productivity and usability improvements in 5.1! Read more about 5.1 in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!