Allow pasting of Unicode characters into Static Entities
Service Studio
OutSystems 9

I had to paste some Unicode into a static entity (like some currency symbols), and it came out as question marks, even in the DB after publishing. I had to do an Excel import + bootstrap to make this work. Supporting Unicode in Static Entity text values would be a big help.


It would seem like a bug that this isn't possible. Have you reported it to support?

Kilian -

Nope, for whatever reason, I assumed it wasn't a bug.

You're too kind :) I'd just report it and see what they say. But then, that's coming from someone who reports on average 2-3 issues a week :)
2014-09-02 18-03-17
Sérgio Silva
Hi Justin, Kilian,

Indeed, Service Studio had no support for Unicode, which was the cause of the limitation you've reported as well as some other ones. We actually have been working to have Unicode support throughout the Development Environment and we expect to have this solved in the coming months.

Thanks for reporting this issue!


This idea is not working in Outsystems 10 (personal environment). 

Hi Arj,

Are you sure that's not a display problem in the debugger? They're also not correctly shown on the screen?

Hi Kilian,

There is no problem with the debugger display. I can see the "question marks" on front end as well for locale Hindi. 

The issue is debugger shows correct translation in the watcher when locale is EN-US but shows "?" when locale is Hi-IN.

Below are the details:

  1. Locale En-US


Below is the debugger watcher showing correct locale translation when locale is En-US

This is the front end En-US translation default caption.

  2. Locale - Hi-IN

      This is what debugger shows when locale has been changed to Hi-IN. 


     and this is the corresponding front end view for locale Hi-In


Hi arj,

I did a quick test, and everything works as expected. I can't attach a file in an Idea comment, so I'll PM you with an example.

EDIT: Mmm, seems like I can't attach a file in a PM either. This isn't the right place anyway to discuss this, could you post something on the forum and send me a PM so I know you did? Then I can attach the eSpace example.