[Wisdom of the Crowds] Rendering submitted post dynamicly on the dashboard

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on 12 Mar 2018

I would like to see that the submitted post in wisdom of the crowds are renderd dynamicly on the dashboard (maybe instead of showing the newest ones).

On this way 'older' post are still shown, instead of 'forgotten'

Created on 19 May 2010
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erm.... not sure what you mean?

When you want toe see all submitted post you can see them in All Idea's, only this list is getting a little bit tall. This is why 'old' idea's become on the bottem of that list and nobody takes a look anymore.

I would like to see that all the post are being shown on the dashboard. To do this I would like a 'category' with All posted Ideas (just like Most Recent Ideas) or insted of Most Reacent Ideas where all the post that are made are shown dynamicly.

On this way 'older' post still can get some attention.
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on 12 Mar 2018

Now, we did it!