Auto - Merge
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In some situations merge could be automatic... if i've changed a part of an espace, and the current version of the espace has changes on a different part, why not just receive an warning with "Auto-Merge" or "Merge"
2016-04-21 20-09-55

with a setting it is allowed to auto-merge or not.
Even if it would be an auto-merge I sure want to see what the changes are.

It could work but it's just what Joost say: I would like to see what the changes are.

What to do if there are changes in the same 'stuff' when auto merge is on?
Im not considering the mentioned setting, i was suggesting the following:
-When publishing espace, it should evaluate if merge is required.
-If merge is required, evaluate if auto-merge can be performed, if so show options on dialog to Auto-merge or Merge or Dont Merge
-Auto-merge option should only appear if after evaluation the outcome is different "stuff" between espaces

So another option when you click a ONE click publish button :)
2018-05-07 20-49-39
Mário Araújo
Something like "Include everything I didn't touch" would be great also.