Font Awesome 4.1.0

on 01 Oct 2015
OutSystems 9.1

Outsystems Platform 8.0.1 uses Font Awesome 4.0.2 for the Richwidgets Icon Widget.

Font Awesome 4.1.0 was recently released and include 71 new icons:


Some of them, like the new file format icons are really useful.

Like jQuery, this type of scripts\fonts\etc, need more frequent updates..

Created on 29 May 2014
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I had no idea they even added this at all!

@Justin, you must read the release notes more often :P
I did, this is one I must have overlooked! There's always a bunch of changes that the release notes don't mention too, like cross-espace debugging is MUCH better now, but no one ever mentioned it. :D

Font Awesome is currently (4.3.0) with 519 icons, RichWidgets Icon Widget is still at 368 icons

Can we get an update? :)

RichWidgets now contains 4.2.0 (afaik). Any plans for the 4.3.0 release?
Looks like OS has the goal of updating to the latest version of FontAwesome from time to time, liking this anyway to add to keep that feeling alive.
The Icon Widget should be moved from RichWidgets to SilkUI Framework, so we can have faster updates, platform version independent.
To avoid breaking changes, Outsystems could name it something else, and we would have the choice to use the always updated SilkUI version, or the legacy and always outdated RichWidgets version.
Carlos -

Agreed, or it should have a mechanism to update itself.

Or you can use this... ;)
Hi All,

Does anybody know what version of Font Awesome is supported at the moment?
Or where I can see this?

If you use my component 4.4, if you use Platform version 9.1 it's 4.3
I'm working on the upgrade for 4.5 btw

Any movement on recent updates to Font Awesome?

The component IconsForEveryone  uses FA Version 4.7.0

Best regards,