Developers Day

After participating in one more NextStep, I feel that something its missing.

In my opinion the developers community would love to have a day dedicated to themselfs, full of hands on sessions, deep dives in technology and/or components existing components.

Something like the OutSystems Bits&Bijt Sessions in The Netherlands
and the BarCamp session on NextStep
For those of us traveling internationally it would be less expensive to have it part of the same conference.
I raised this same thing myself. For example, I would have LOVED to have had the opportunity to do a 60 - 90 minute session explaining exactly how we did our work with PhoneGap, to supplement the "customer story" style session I did that showed why we did it and how it turned out for us.

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Gonçalo Gaiolas
Since we have a fully international community, would you guys see this as a physical get together or more of a virtual event? Have you guys considered hosting meetups in your local communities?
Except for Lisbon, there probably isn't a critical mass of people to do meetups.  If everyone entered their location on their profiles and there was a way to show profiles in an area (i.e., show me all people within 50 miles of Philadelphia) then you might be able to do something.

Therefore, something online would be the way to go, at least until Outsystems takes over the world! 
Goncalo -

I would REALLY love to see this be a physical event. If Lisbon is the best choice, let's add a day to NextStep! :D

If not, a virtual event could work as well, but it would need to be well organized. I have to give full credit to the team who puts together NextStep, it is very well-run, especially in terms of making sure that the presenters are ready. If we had that kind of organization, a virtual event could be a big success. And I think that if the content is technical deep-dive, "this is how you do XYZ" style content (for example, my team could do "OutSystems + PhoneGap: Everything you need to know" in an hour, or I can do a 1 hour "tips and tricks for best performance" seminar), it would be easy for developers to convince their bosses to let them spend a day doing that.

Maybe this could be posted or live-presented (HangOut) as a video-presentation on this Community forum. 
A must-have. We are probably too close for this year's NextStep but I definitely like the Idea. Maybe, we (developers) will get the groove on and try to get things mooving by ourselves?
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For the first time in OutSystems history,  we had ODC


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