Native support for PostgreSQL and MySQL

It would be good to have native support for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Hi Robert,

Check this presentation from Next Step 2014:

You might enjoy :)

Thanks for the link Guilherme

I can only view the slides.....I assume its a MySQL import feature for integration studio? (...and works much like SQL Server, Oracle database import feature?)
MySQL is *native* in OS v9. Works just like SQL Server or Oracle.

And there's an API to do the same for any other DB you want.

Hey Justin.

I'm curious... Why did you quoted "native" when saying that MySQL is native in v9?

Is there something wrong with this integration? Have you experienced problems?

Do we have some tech material about this integration with MySQL?

And what about PostGreSQL. Is it possible to integrate without Integration Studio?
Joao -

Didn't quote, used the asterisks for emphasis because I *always* forget that <CTRL+I> lets me do italics in this editor. :D

2014-02-13 10-06-38
Ricardo Silva
Yes. It is now possible to integrate with PostgreSQL using the connector I have built using the SDK :)
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Besides Microsoft SQL, Oracle and mySQL, Outsystems should add support for Postgres to be the Platform Database. This would be a cost effective alternative.

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Hi Gerry,


Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. 

Just to let you know that since OutSystems 9, the usage of MySQL as database for the platform is supported.  Also, using OutSystems Database Integration API SDK there is already a database plugin developed to support integrations with this database as you can see here

Currently we are not having enough demand from the enterprise market to support Postgres as the database where OutSystems platform should run on top.  Therefore, from the moment that part of the idea is not on our radar to be implemented in the near future.



I'm sending this message to let you know, that we just launched PostgreSQL Database Connector. This connector is available out-of-the-box and fully OutSystems supported from 11.15.0 and above.

Some of the advantages of the new PostgreSQL connector:

  • Fully OutSystems supported;

  • Supports Aurora and Generic PostgreSQL, versions 12 and 13;

  • Use Integration Builder with a smoother experience for selecting and configuring database connectors.

You can get more information on our documentation page.

Integration Builder team.